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At J.E.T.S. Gymnastics, we conduct classes that will help your child excel in gymnastics. Our talented trainers take a personal approach with your child to ensure they're developing at their own pace and learning social skills in the process.


Level Up in Fun Recreational Classes


Girls' recreational classes

Sky Raiders: Level 1 (1-hour class)

Ages: 5 to 6 (Sky Raider), 7 to 8 ( Jr. Sky Raider), and 9 and older (Sr. Sky Raider)


Expose your child to skill work on tumbling, vault, balance beam, uneven bars, and trampolines. Our coaches will guide your child through a safe skill set progression suited to meet your childs indivudual needs. Skills included are forward and backwards rolls, handstands, cartwheels and much more.


Sky Warriors: Level 2 (1-hour or 1-and-a-half hours class)

Ages: 5 to 8 (Sky Warrior) 9 and older (Sr. Sky Warrior) Must have completed level 1


Our coaches use progression curriculum to teach necessary skills on tumbling, balance beams, uneven bars, vaulting, and the trampoline. Students are guided through the lessons at their own pace. Skills include Handstand rolls, back bends, bridge kick over and more.


Sky Hawks: Level 3 (1-and-a-half hour or 2-hour class)

Ages: All ages Must have completed level 2


Students will be working on advanced level skills within the recreational program can take advantage of this class. Skills include round offs, and back handsprings.



High School

Ages: 6 and up

Class time: 1-hour

We offer tumbling classes for girls who would like to advance their tumbling skills. Our class structure is geared toward cheerleaders and power tumblers.

High school (2-hour class)

Ages: 13 and up

Stay in shape and learn new skills as you advance through our high school program.


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Parkour (1-hour class)

Ages: 8 and older


Parkour focuses on speed, grace and style through it's free-style techniques. We teach safe landing, basic flipping and tumbling skills. Your child will also be exposed to obstacle vaulting and flipping. They will be on and off of the mats and trampolines. In addition, they’ll be wall running and bar flipping.


All skill levels are welcome, as the class is custom fitted for your child.

Give us a call or stop in today to meet with our team for a preliminary skills assesment

and see how we can help your child.


Take advantage of our 10% OFF discount for siblings. It is valid for any sibling after your first child.


Get 15% discount when you sign up for additional classes.

Student to coach ratio is 9-1