J.E.T.S. Membership Benefits
Cost: $50/year

Official J.E.T.S. Clothing

With the purchase of your J.E.T.S. membership you will receive official J.E.T.S. clothing to wear to class.  Girls will receive a J.E.T.S. leotard and boys will receive a J.E.T.S. t-shirt and shorts.

Make Up Classes

At J.E.T.S. we understand how busy life can be and that our students may not be able to attend all of their monthly classes.  Don’t worry, as a J.E.T.S. member you receive 1 missed day make up class per month during the school year (September-May).  The class must be made up within 1 month of the absence.  School year make ups must be completed by the end of May.  During the summer months (June-August) J.E.T.S. offers unlimited make up classes for our members.  Summer make ups must be completed by the end of August.  In order to reschedule a previously scheduled make up class it must be done prior to the date the class was scheduled for.  All make ups must be completed while currently enrolled in a class.

Discounted Rates for J.E.T.S. Classes & Activities

Class Tuition

Our members receive a $10.00 discount monthly on class tuition.  Members also receive a 10% sibling discount on all children after the first that are enrolled as a member in our program.  Members receive a 15% discount for each additional class after the first that they are enrolled in. 

Open Gym

Open gym is one of J.E.T.S. most popular events amongst our members.  For pre-school and school age children alike, open gym is a big hit.  Open gym allows our students access to all of the equipment.  Whether they are working hard to perfect a skill or just burning off some extra energy, the kids will have a great time.  See Open Gym page for pricing and scheduling information.

Summer Camps

J.E.T.S. summer camps are designed for students 3 years – 10 years of age.  Each camp is designed around a unique, fun filled theme like Wacky Water Week, Pirates and Princess Week and Circus Week just to name a few.  J.E.T.S. members receive a $10.00 discount for each camp they register for.  See Summer Camps page for pricing and scheduling information.

Birthday Parties

At J.E.T.S. we do everything we can to make your child’s special day one they will never forget.  Our parties are designed to take all the stress off of mom and dad while making sure the party is packed full of fun for the kids.  J.E.T.S. will provide the invitations, cake, ice cream, juice, balloons, plates, cups, utensils, goody bags and thank you cards for all of the guests.  Members receive a $20.00 discount on all birthday parties.  See Birthday Parties page for pricing and scheduling information.

Test Flight

Our Test Flights are a great option for a potential new member who would like to try our classes before purchasing a J.E.T.S. Membership.  The Test Flight offers 4 consecutive classes for $10.00 more than our member cost.  We offer immediate start dates for all Test Flights.  Please remember there are no make up classes for non-members and siblings do not receive the 10% discount. 

Classes meet once per week for 4 weeks;

Preschool: 45 minute class=$65.00

Recreational: 1 hour=$79.00 and 1.5 hours=$109.00


J.E.T.S. requires a two-week notice to withdraw from classes before the upcoming month in order to stop payment on the 1st of the month. Refunds WILL NOT be given on tuition that has already been processed.